Ella's Backyard

Ella’s Backyard kid's TV show is being watched in 90 countries.

Charming puppets play and songs are made to bring joy for children from 3 to 10, without loosing their educational aim.

A fun video in a simple children’s language helps kids to understand better how to build relationship with others, how to develop personal skills, what attitude should they have to money & spiritual values, which are based in the Bible - the foundation of our culture. Only by giving our children a true foundation we can look in to our future with hope.

By now the series includes 56 episodes. The first in English are now available here. The show proposes the major stories of the Bible to our youngest audience, children between 3 and 10 years.

The colourful but well composed decoration sets are constructed specifically for the fast and easy grasp of the children's mind, in order to ensure a good understanding of the stories.

The embedded songs are especially composed for children, melodies and texts are easily memorized also by youngest children.

English edition of Ella’s Backyard is made by Domus Patris Studio Milan-Moscow


Land of the Golden Sun


What does Ella’s Playground teach?


Relationship with others:

  • Obey parents

  • Be a good friend

  • Keep your promises

  • Not to neglect the younger kids

  • Love people and not hate them

  • Help others & care about other people

  • Do good things

  • Not to steal

  • Forgive others & ask forgiveness

  • Be compassive to others

  • Not to judge & make fun of others, but support them & encourage


Develop personal skills:

  • Be brave, kind & patient

  • Get rid of bad thoughts

  • Not to be afraid of dreaming, but develop your talents & achieve your goals

  • To be not vain & arrogant, but humble, happy & thankful

Attitude to money:

  • Appreciate spiritual values more than material

  • Value relationship with people more than money

Spiritual values:

  • Believe in Jesus Christ

  • Trust God

  • Be honest before other people and God

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"The Bible Song"


Ella’s Backyard Live Events

have reached 5000 kids in different cities of Russia & Ukraine. Children from orphanages, handy cap kids and regular boys & girls have a chance to enjoy an interactive show with fun heroes, exciting contests, songs & prizes; and hear the great story which helps them to understand the importance of forgiving one another.