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Ella's Backyard 

Children's cinematographic activity

"Ella's Backyard" under the leadership of Albina Nikitina developed and conducted an innovative experimental project in which children 4-6 years old were directly involved in the creation of puppet shows! Work done together with  Kindergarten No. 703 with the support of the Northern District Directorate of the Department of Education of Moscow. 

  1. As part of the "Children's Cinematic Activities" project, children get acquainted with the basics of cinematography.

  2. Then the children, together with educators and parents, are engaged in search and cognitive activities on the most actual topics of our time.

  3. Having a certain amount of knowledge on a given topic, in the studio, boys and girls improvise, playing with dolls, refracting the acquired knowledge through an absolutely non-standard children's perception. So the children themselves come up with scenarios and characters for new shows and clips.

  4. During the preparation of the scenery, children develop drawing skills, motor skills, artistic taste, accuracy and responsibility.

  5. Children from the Kindergarten, as well as their brothers and sisters, voice characters, play with dolls, become actors themselves, making shows and clips that help then and their friends make the right decisions in matters such as traffic, ecology, friendship, etc. .d.

  6. Ready-made characters are used for home and public viewing and discussion in other kindergartens.

  7. Children's cinematographic activity contributes to the formation of the creative and intellectual potential of preschoolers, providing children with the opportunity to develop their abilities, inclinations, interests in an innovative way; start searching for their social, and in the future, professional self-determination.

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