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Land of the Golden Sun

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"Land of the Golden Sun"

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"Land of the Golden Sun" is a show for children in which Miroshka sets off from the city of Big Backpacks in search of the Land of the Golden Sun. Extraordinary heroes, difficult decisions and unforgettable encounters await our hero on his path of unforgettable adventure. Start your journey with Miroshka! After all, this is a journey - which awaits everyone!



"Land of the Golden Sun"
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A journey that awaits everyone


Cycle: 2012-2019
Running time: 6 minutes (cartoon), 

Number of seasons: 3 seasons

Number of episodes: 71 episodes
Genre: educational and entertaining game puppet show

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 14.52.23.png

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 14.52.23.png

Ella's Backyard project presents the animated series "LAND OF THE GOLDEN SUN" based on the novel "The Pilgrim's Progress" by JOHN BUNYAN. Lead puppeteers: DMITRY RYGALIN, ELVIRA ALEKSEENKOVA; composer: TIMOFEY GONCHARENKO, puppet designers: YULIA SERGIENKO, OLGA KOSHEVAROVA, NADEZHDA SHORNIKOVA, VALENTINA BELKINA; set decorators: OLGA KOSHEVAROVA, NADEZHDA SHORNIKOVA, VALENTINA BELKINA; sound engineers: ROMAN MISHUNIN, GARRY SERGIENKO; director of photography: GARRY SERGIENKO, editing director: ALBINA NIKITINA, LEONID SERGIENKO; executive producer: GARRY SERGIENKO, LEONID SERGIENKO, ideas, screenwriter: ALBINA NIKITINA, production director: YULIA SERGIENKO

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