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Mushroom tales

The magical girl Ella finds herself in a fairy-tale meadow, where she meets Mushrooms-Borovichkov, Chanterelles, Toadstool and even Mushroom-Coral, who tell how plants can travel and protect themselves, what strawberries and roses have in common, what winds are, why a Christmas tree has needles , and what is the most important book in the world.  

What did Mushroom Coral

tell about the sea?

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   In Mushroom tales you will learn:


  • ​Does coral fungus exist and why is it like that?

  • What grows in the desert?

  • What plants are and how can they travel?

  • What are the colors of the rainbow?

  • What are mushrooms, and how do they turn off?

  • Why it's bad to cheat?

  • What should children do if parents seem to treat them badly?

  • Where do clouds come from, and what kind of water cycle exists in nature?

  • What is unique about dandelion seeds?

  • What are the winds in nature?

  • What is the meaning of the rainbow?

  • Interesting facts about the desert and the dunes.

  • What is the sea and why is it salty?

  • What is useful birch sap?

  • How do plants protect themselves?

  • Why should you dream and how to achieve what you dream about?

  • What is the Sargasso Sea and why you should not be afraid of it?

  • Where do Christmas trees grow and why do they have needles?

  • Why should you obey your parents?

  • Is strawberry a relative of a rose and what do they have in common?

  • Why ferns are unique and when do they bloom?

  • What is tundra and are there any plants there?

  • Why leaves fall and how do the seasons change?

  • What is the wisest book in the world?

How Amanita frightened the Sargasso Sea

Cycle: 2008-2011
Running time: 7.45 minutes (cartoon), 1 minute (clip)
Number of episodes: 24 cartoons + 24 clips
Genre: informative and entertaining game puppet cartoons and children's game clips

Ella's Backyard project presents the animated series "Mushroom tales". Lead puppeteers: DMITRY RYGALIN, ELVIRA ALEKSEENKOVA; composer: TIMOFEY GONCHARENKO, puppet designers: YULIA SERGIENKO, OLGA KOSHEVAROVA, NADEZHDA SHORNIKOVA, VALENTINA BELKINA; set decorators: OLGA KOSHEVAROVA, NADEZHDA SHORNIKOVA, VALENTINA BELKINA; sound engineers: ROMAN MISHUNIN, GARRY SERGIENKO; director of photography: GARRY SERGIENKO, editing director: ALBINA NIKITINA, LEONID SERGIENKO; executive producer: GARRY SERGIENKO, LEONID SERGIENKO, ideas, screenwriter: ALBINA NIKITINA, production director: YULIA SERGIENKO

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