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Eline Podvir`yachko

Just laying the foundation in our children, we can marvel at the future.


"Elina Podvir`yachko" - the purpose of developing cartoons, as if to marvel at 90 countries of the world.  

Verelnyvalny Lakovti cartoon downtime, zrosumiy Movie Pidkazuyut Dytams: yak is more painful to the stusons, yak rosvivati iawist, yak correctly settled up to a penny of the il yak of the people, bibli Aja laying the foundation in our children, we can marvel at the future.


Yaskravі blessed zustrіchі - "Holy Elіnogo podvіr`yachka" - to be held at different places of Ukraine and Russia for children from impossible, not perfect families, children from child houses, children with limited abilities, as well as for great boys-04c-35-5b7819 ta_cc 136bad5cf58d_ girls. The holy hour is for the fate of fiery clowns, hooting contests, funny songs and good cartoons, they know about the importance of the mind, ask for a probachennya, forgive one, just be friends.


Garna new! Now the cartoon "Elina Podviryachko" has been dubbed by my Ukrainian studio "Bible and Modernity" (posted on the website


Come to us, aby spread the light of our children, we will make it brighter and kinder!



"Nekorisne tree""

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  • Dovbnya Nastya

Ukraine, Poltava region, m. Kremenchuk, 22.10.2010

With my granddaughter and satisfied lies, we marvel at your program. So I want to see my granddaughter as a kind, respectful, lower one, ours is not an easy hour. Your cartoons help to develop the granddaughter's si risi vdacha and slay the wounds of the lower, cіkavim and deedly kind.



  • Chirkun Yanina Valentinivna

Belarus, Minsk region, Borisov district. 07/15/2010

The road is the transfer of "Elina Podvir`yachko", my friend Oleg, who is 8 years old, loves to marvel at your programs. Oleg say: "Elina podvir`yachko" teaches me good, I myself become better; but now you don’t boast and you can’t be proud.” Thank you for your good cartoons.


Why do you say "Elina podvir`yachko"?


Stosunkam with others:

  • Listen to the fathers

  • Don't be mean to the young

  • Be a good friend

  • Vikonuvat obіtsyanki

  • Love, not hate

  • Help and talk about others

  • Robity good

  • Don't steal

  • Umіti ask probachennya and forgive; to speak and to speak to others

  • Don't judge and don't judge, but pidbadioryuvati and educate others

  • Develop special qualities:

  • Buti smile, kind and tolerant

  • Get rid of filthy thoughts

  • Do not be afraid of the dream, but develop your talent and practice to achieve your goals

  • We don’t shove buti and zarozumіlim, but lagіdnim, satisfied and vdyachnym


Reimbursement to pennies:

  • Put spiritual values above material ones

  • Price stosunki with people more pennies


Spiritual values:

  • Believe in God

  • Trust God

  • Be honest before yourself, before people and before God

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