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Feedback from viewers and listeners

We receive a lot of letters and emails to the editor. Here are some of them:

Teptanova Olga

Russia, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk, 02.12.2010

Relatives gave us a disk with the show "Ella's Backyard". We really liked it. We were surprised when we found out that this show was produced in, as it is of very high quality.

The Darensky family

Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region, Pershotravensk, 11/12/2010


I watched your show for children together with my sons. They are still small (2 and 1 years old), but they love to watch it very much. I'm glad you're doing this for our kids. I really want the kids not to make the same mistakes that we did.



















Larchenko Alena

Belarus, Mogilev region, city of Klichev. 07/05/2010


I am 11 years old and I love watching your show! It's just super, just class, and all of us know it!!! With your help, many children solve their problems. Thank you. You helped me open my eyes to the world around me. I used to have complexes in appearance. But in your program, I saw that God created us so unique - and the complexes went away! Thank you! You are a miracle!!!

Mokrousova Olya

Russia, the city of Smolensk. 07/15/2010


I have a son, he is 4 years old. We accidentally saw your program, we really liked it. Thank God that our television uses a show that teaches biblical truths and how to apply them in our life. Thank you very much for what you are doing. We told many more parents and children about your program.

They also watch your show now.

Nynkina Anna

Russia, Kaliningrad region, city of Chernyakhovsk. 06/24/2010


I have listened to and watched your show on CD. I really liked it.

just from watching it I began to believe in God and in myself. I will soon be 11 years old.

Zhumaeva Anyuta

Uzbekistan, Syrdarya region, 06.02.2010


I really like your show for kids and all your stories!

David Könstler

Germany, Schalksmuhle, 11.12.2009


My name is David. I love listening to your stories. They help me to obey and do the right thing. I live in Germany, I study in the second grade.

I'm just starting to learn how to read Russian.


Zhumaeva Anyuta

Uzbekistan, Syrdarya region, 06.02.2010


I really like your show for kids and all your stories!

Bochkarev Kirill

Kazakhstan, Akmola region, 01.12.2009


I am 8. And it's my birthday soon. I really like your program.

And I want you to give me a Children's Bible for my birthday!

Cheban Alla Viktorovna

Moldova, Chisinau, 11/30/2009


We love your program and watch it with our daughter who is already 2 years old.

Although she doesn't understand everything yet, we are growing and developing along with your stories!

Shumilova Diana

Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yeniseisk, 08/06/2009


This is Diana writing to you. A year ago I received a calendar and Bible stories from you. Thank you! Then I was still small and could not write and read well, but now I have already finished the first grade. I have read this book many times and would read it again. I have a brother in a distant village and they don't know much about God. I sent them this book and many of my cartoons "Elin Dvorik".

Cho Lucia

Japan, Mooka, 07/01/2009


Thank you for your transmission. My name is Lucia, we live in Japan and together with my two small children we love to watch Elin Yard.

Usarova Khana

Israel, Ashdod, 06/24/2009


Thank you for the wonderful transformation of the soul of my grandson, 7 years old.

I am his grandmother. He was brought up on horror computer games and scary toys of our time. And as a result, there was aggression, disobedience, anger, disrespect for elders, and so on. At the age of 6, when he went to school, all this intensified even more, he began to fight, be rude, and even raised his hand to the teacher several times, ran away from school. There was nothing they could do about it at home either. He loves to draw very much, but all the drawings were depressing: he painted only with black paints. The trips to the doctors began. Neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists… At school they insisted that the child had a pathology…

The second month since I got a “plate” and my grandson and I are watching “Elin Dvorik”. At first he didn't want to, but now he can't wait for the transfer! I see how he is changing, his thinking, his attitude to life is changing. Your broadcasts pierce the world of light. The drawing we are sending you is the first significant victory! A drawing full of joy, warmth and light. First drawing in color! Elino's Yard drawing! With love, gratitude and best wishes,

Khan's grandmother

Shakhverdyan Zhaneta

France, Marseille 21.01.2009


I am writing to you at the request of my daughter, her name is Maria and she is 5.5 years old. We live in France, but every day my daughter watches Elin Dvorik via satellite. She is very interested in cartoons for children about God. Despite her small age, she has a great love for God in her soul. Every time she watches a cartoon, she has a lot of questions. Of course, I explain as much as I know, but that doesn't satisfy her, she wants to have her Bible with pictures to make it more clear.


Italy, Brindisi, 12/11/2008


Thank you for your interesting programs that we can watch here in Italy.


Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul region, 12/15/2008


My name is Irina. We watch your cartoons for children with my daughter. Also, children gather at our house to watch your cartoons. Thank you!


Italy, Brindisi, 12/11/2008


Thank you for your interesting programs that we can watch here in Italy.

Nikiforova Tatiana

Latvia, Jelgava, 10.11.2008


We (I am a mother and 6 children) are writing to you for the first time. For a long time now my children have been watching your program on TV and on cassettes. Our children love your cartoons very much. The children have been asking me to write to you for a long time, as they study in Latvian at school and write poorly in Russian. Thank you for what you are doing.

Krylova Svetlana

Broadcast director of TV-7 channel, RTV-Podmoskovye, 2006


"Elin Dvorik" is a wonderful children's program that airs on our TV channel on Saturdays and Sundays for six months. I think this is a wonderful addition to our broadcast. "Elin Yard" is such kind, somewhat fabulous stories about Elya, whichgive a good foundation to little men for a difficult adult life. If the guys do not learn to be kind, good, open, honest in childhood, in adulthood it will be more and more difficult to do this. And if you have the opportunity to show this program on your TV channel or on tape to your children, I think this is a very good opportunity that you should definitely use.

Kataeva Nastya

Russia, Altai Territory, p. Aleksandrovka, 2004


I have been watching your show for a very long time and I really like it. I'm 17 years old. I haven't been baptized yet, but I really want to. I will definitely be baptized in February... I wish you all the very best. You are doing so much good...

Zharkova Lena

Russia, Altai Territory, village of Ilyicha, 2004


Hello Elya. My name is Lena. My mother's name is Galya. I am very pleased to write you a letter, because I write it with love. I've seen all your shows, I really liked them! Thanks for your patience. Probably, it is very difficult to remember and tell everything. Judging by your stories, there are a lot of informative stories and stories in the Bible. I would really like to have such a good book, because it teaches kindness and patience.

Dovbnya Nastya

Ukraine, Poltava region, Kremenchug, 10/22/2010


My granddaughter and I enjoy watching your show every morning. So I want to raise a granddaughter kind, attentive, gentle - in our not very easy time. Your cartoons for children help develop these character traits in your granddaughter and make the morning gentle, interesting and truly kind.

Kolmakova Irina

Russia, Moscow region, city of Podolsk 29.09.2010


My son (he is 7 years old) and I watch Elin Dvorik very often. All your cartoons for children teach kindness and justice. I would like other channels to pay more attention to educational programs.

Kaplun Natalya

Russia, Rostov region, city of Azov 30.08.2010


Our daughter Mashenka is almost 4 years old and she cannot write. But on the other hand, he enjoys watching your amazingly beautiful, bright, colorful, and most importantly, kind and instructive program. Thank you for helping to educate our children, investing in them spiritual values.

Chirkun Yanina Valentinovna

Belarus, Minsk region, city of Borisov. 07/15/2010


Dear program "Elin Dvorik", my grandson Oleg, who is 8 years old, and I love to watch your cartoons for children. Oleg says: “Elin Dvorik teaches me good things, I myself become kinder; It also teaches not to boast and that it is impossible to be proud.” Thank you very much for your good cartoons. You spread the light of kindness, love and respect among small hearts. And this will certainly bear fruit in the future. Thank you very much!


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